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Wellness Services

Per CDC guidelines, FACE COVERINGS ARE REQUIRED for all individuals entering the Wellness Center, regardless of vaccination status.


COVID-19 vaccines are available at Wellness Services. Call 660-562-1348 for details.

For more information, visit the University's COVID-19 FAQs »

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Social:  Develop meaningful connections with family, friends, and community through building and maintaining healthy relationships.


Emotional:  Cultivate a caring environment for yourself and others by developing awareness, acceptance, and healthy expression of emotion.


Environmental:  Interact with nature, create environments that enhance your health, and take action to protect the earth.


Spiritual:  Engage in activities that help you discover purpose and meaning in life.

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Intellectual:  Challenge yourself intellectually to help drive your success in school, work, and life. Be a lifelong learner.


Occupational:  Impact your life satisfaction by choosing a career path that meets your needs and brings you joy.


Financial:  Have a healthy relationship with money, living within your means and learning to manage your finances for the short and long term.


Physical:  Take care of your body by staying active and practicing preventive health measures.

Hours & Contact Info

Wellness Center
Hours:  8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday
Phone: 660.562.1348
Fax: 660.562.1585


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Wellness Center


Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

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