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Northwest Graduate School

Dr. Greg HaddockDr. Gregory Haddock
Associate Provost of Graduate Studies and Special Programs

We are proud to bring you 37 Masters-level programs, three Specialists in Education programs, and four graduate level certificate programs. Our programs provide opportunities for full-time, part-time, and distance education students, including online and off-site programs at Northwest-Kansas City.

Students who wish to enroll full-time and meet eligibility requirements may compete for a Graduate Assistantship on campus in Maryville. There are over 130 Graduate Assistantships in a variety of academic departments and administrative offices. These assistantships provide a basic nine-month stipend of $6,000 plus tuition waiver equal to 100% of the standard rate of tuition.

We invite you to check out the various programs at Northwest and pick one you think you would like. Experience the advantages of our small, friendly, and caring campus community.



Flat  Rate Graduate
37  Masters-level
130+  Graduate
99%  find a job or
continue education

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